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Get Set Nifty – Multiplier 2.0


Nifty multiplier 2.0 is an smartly managed intraday strategy to take maximum benefit from intraday time decay (THETHA). This strategy is designed smartly in such a way that it will be able to handle sharp rise in volatility (VEGA) and to generate a consistent average monthly return of 10% to 15% on capital deployed from time decay.


As someone has rightly said, “Return of capital is more important than Return on capital”. This strategy overrides the human emotions to achieve consistent returns through following pre-defined rules of trading:

Rule No.1:  To ensure capital protection

Rule No.2:  Consistent returns

Rule No.3:  Always follow strict stop loss

Rule No.4:  Trading basis the sound methodology based on past facts is worth the chance.

Rule No.5:  Don’t forget the above Rules.


Position Taken: It daily sell position @ 09:30 AM in three lots of Call & Put from current week expiry. Multiple leg level entries will be taken basis the dynamics of the market. (At anytime open positions will not exceed 3 lots of call and put short) & Exit will be triggered between 2.50 PM to 3.00 PM


Capital Requirement: As per current intraday leverage available, Nifty multiplier requires margin approx. of INR 4.5 Lacs (With Zerodha). Margin requirements across brokers may differ. Users are suggested to check margin requirements with their broker for short selling three lots of Call & Put.

(Note: Capital requirement or lot size is purposefully kept on the higher side to provide cushion on highly volatile stop loss hunting days and consistent returns.)


Risk Management: This strategy smartly managed risk by defining stop loss at every leg. Considering the position size of three lots total loss per day has been restricted to INR 6.5K.

(Note: Stay focused on the big picture when trading. A losing trade should not surprise us; It's a part of trading. A winning trade is just one step along the path to a profitable business. It is the cumulative profits that make a difference.)


Profit targets: We have not defined any target cap on profits. 

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