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Realise your dream of being a PMS provider.

As a strategy creator, you have undoubtedly gone through enough loss making trades to realise that haphazard trading makes no money. Then you discovered what works and realised you can do this for multiple people. As you give out your trades to your clients you realise soon enough that they are, for various reasons, unable to manage the trade in the way you had imagined. So you begin by handling their trading account. For a few accounts, this works well, but as the number of accounts increase, it becomes cumbersome to manage different quantities of the same trades in different accounts. And of course, when it’s an SOS exit across all accounts, the slippage in some accounts could go through the roof.

Thankfully, we have a solution. Create a strategy with either a set of rules or if the algo trading bug has still not bit you, you can manually add your buy or sell signals and once you add it to your strategy, it will get executed across all brokerage accounts of your subscribers at one go. Regardless of whether there are 3 or 3000 - In different quantities across different brokers. If any account faces any execution issue, our system will immediately alert the user to take quick corrective offline action.

Make a strategy. Make some money. And some fans.

Tradetron offers you the unique opportunity to become a Strategy Creator and sell your strategies on our social trading platform. You can market your strategies, using your ROI as proof of the pudding. Right off Tradetron. But don’t take our word for it. Sign up, create your one free strategy and then decide for yourself. If it works for you, the right to list your strategy on the marketplace is yours for a small monthly fee. Needless to add, your strategy logic and decision making criterion are never disclosed to your users. A win-win situation.

Your next business plan - right here

Start a manual strategy to add positions based on your fav analyst / investor / mutual fund and keep adding and removing scrips they recommend and market it to other users who would like to follow them but dont have the time to manually track their each move.

So what will all of this cost you?

Our fees are fairly straightforward and depends on your success on our platform.
1) A monthly fee to become a Tradetron subscriber and list your strategy on the marketplace
2) A small percentage of your fees depending upon your subscription plan. See the pricing page for details.