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TT Quants

Partner with a TT Quant and simplify your Algo Trading journey

As an investor, you have limited number of hours in the day. In turn, you may find yourself short on time when it comes to learning how to create your own strategies. Hire a TT Quant to learn the process of converting your logic into fully automated trading strategies

Expedite strategy creation process

By partnering with a TT Quant, you can build strategy logic. Our TT Quant team members will connect with you and understand the difficulty you are facing. They will put 8 hours of work per day 9:30 AM to 05:30 PM, helping you understand the process and breaking down complex logic into keyword-friendly formats and efficiently debugging your strategies.

Whether you’re seeking to continually refine existing strategies or create entirely new strategies from scratch, your TT Quant offers immeasurable support to your growth.

Stuck with any strategy or facing any difficulties, TT Quant will assist you to live with Anydesk support and resolve all your queries

Getting Started

TT Quant is available at just 5000 per day. They not only help you develop ₹ fundamentally stronger strategies but also give you greater confidence in your trading journey as a whole. Subscribe to secure your TT Quant today.

Note: If the strategy you wish to create requires custom python code, it may take more than 1 day time to test/debug the strategy and you will have to pay for the extra days required to complete the work. This service can be booked only for weekdays (Monday to Friday except holidays).


5000 per day