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created : 3 years ago |  live deployment: 1


Strategy description

Strategy Description:

The Vasishta trading algorithm is a comprehensive and dynamic approach that combines both intraday and overnight option trading on the Nifty index. This strategy aims to optimise trading opportunities by executing one intraday trade and one overnight trade per day.

The intraday trade employs the "Wait and Trade" principle and involves short selling one lot of either a call or a put option. It focuses on identifying favourable trading opportunities in the morning, entering the trade after 9:30 am, and exiting before 3:10 pm on the same day. This strategy aims to capitalise on short-term market movements. Initially, a long call (CE) or put (PE) option is taken to minimise margin requirements.

The overnight trade follows a BTST (Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow) or STBT (Sell Today, Buy Tomorrow) approach, depending on expected market gaps. This trade is initiated after 3:20 pm and closed prior to 9:25 am on the following trading day. It involves taking one long Nifty call (put) option and one short Nifty call (put) option.

The decision to engage in overnight trade is based on favourable market conditions and direction. Technical indicators are utilised to assess the market trend and the probability of a gap occurring.

Overall, the Vasishta trading algorithm intelligently combines intraday and overnight trading techniques to capture short-term movements in the Nifty index. The strategy emphasises the significance of patiently waiting for suitable trading opportunities and leverages the potential benefits of anticipated market gaps.


To effectively implement the Vasishta trading algorithm, a minimum required capital of Rs 25000 (Considering lot size 25 )  is necessary. Additionally, we strongly recommend maintaining a 10% margin buffer to cover maximum drawdown and margin spikes.

Stop Loss:

For each individual leg of the trades, a predetermined stop loss is implemented. 


There are no upfront fees associated with our algorithm. Instead, we operate on a profit sharing model. We charge a 5 % profit sharing fee on the gross PnL (Profit and Loss) recorded by the TT deployment page. This profit sharing fee is calculated cumulatively across all our strategies. 

Paper Trading and Familiarization:

We highly recommend that all subscribers engage in paper trading for a minimum duration of one month. This practice allows you to become familiar with the system and gain confidence before transitioning to live deployment.

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