created : 1 year ago| |  live deployment: 1

created : 1 year ago |  live deployment: 1


Strategy description

Strategy description

Vasishta  is an intraday and overnight option trading algorithm on  Nifty. 

Strategy takes a maximum of 2 intraday trades and 1 overnight  trades per day.

First Entry takes morning 930 Exit by 1400. This trade is either strangle or straddle with one lot each.

Second trade takes by 1410, exit by 1506. 2nd trade depends on the market condition. This trade is either strangle or straddle with one lot each.

Third trade is an BTST / STBT will enter by 1515 and exit before 925 next trading day. overnight trade consisting of one long Nifty Call and Two Short Nifty Call.  Overnight trade takes place only, if the market condition and direction satisfies. 


Rs 130000 is the required capital. We also suggest maintaining a 10% margin buffer to cover maximum drawn and margin spikes. Suggested capital is 1.5  lakh.

Stop Loss: There is stop loss for individual legs and a maximum of Rs 1500 / trade. 

Past performance is available at below google link:


There is no upfront fee for our algorithm. 

The algorithm has a 10% profit sharing billed monthly on the gross PnL recorded by the TT deployment page. The profit sharing will be calculated as cumulative gross profit across all our strategies.


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