created : 1 year ago| |  live deployment: 1

created : 1 year ago |  live deployment: 1


Strategy description

Strategy description

ARUNDHATHI  is an intraday and overnight option algorithm on  Bank Nifty. 

It takes Maximum 3 trades per day. 

1st trade entry at 930 and exit by 1300 hrs

2nd trade entry at 1310 and exit by 1506 hrs

3rd is overnight trade, entry after 1515 and exit next trading day 925 am.

Thursday there is no overnight trade.

1st and 2nd  trades are short straddle or strangle with one lot on each leg. 

Overnight trade is having one lot of long call and two lots of short call (or one lot of long put and two lots of short puts). Overnight trade is programmed to take position  based on trend.  The program is to take advantage of gaps towards the expected trend. 

Risks on overnight trade: There is gap risk, in case the market open against the plan. Back testing shows maximum risk of 7000 rupees. Maximum profit by back testing is 18000 rupees. There is no MTM stop loss for overnight trade.


Rs 180000 is the required capital. You can check with your broker what leverage they provide for intraday option writing and compute the capital requirement accordingly. We also suggest an MTM buffer equivalent to 20000 rupees for 1x multiplier

Stop Loss: Intraday trades, there is stop loss for individual legs provided, in addition to MTM stop loss of 1500 rupees per trade.

My own trade performance is given at this link:


There is no upfront fee for our algorithm. 

The algorithm has a 10% profit sharing billed monthly on the gross PnL recorded by the TT deployment page. The profit sharing will be calculated as cumulative gross profit across all our strategies.


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