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Strategy description

Nifty Quantum Combined Premium  Calendar Straddle or Strangle


Automated Business Basket 014 Bank Nifty  Ultra Rider Quantum Calendar Straddle 


                                     Formula Logic of the Strategy


                                         This Strategy Intraday Fixed Combined Defined Strategy Elegantly Quant Premium Price Based Strike Selection Spot or Future or OTM or ITM or  ATM


01.  Entry Time 09.15.20 H: M: S   

         Max Lots Allowed 100 Multiplier 

         MSc Order 

         Single Counter 2Trade

         Intraday 2 pairs elegant quant premium strike based Quantum calendar straddle or strangle


           Daily One Trade only  then the chance of getting good result according to 3year back test report and  also Less draw down, If you Risky  Trader  after Universal exit Reactivate the strategy at your own  risk. 

02.  LTP Based Premium Selection Spot Price Rs 25 to 200 /-(Nifty Index)

03. Strike Selection Based on Max OI, Wait and Trade method ,90% Change in  Price  action, Rate of  changing   Delta, Rate  of change of premium based on change in Volatility VIX, Average of Bit and Ask  best price…. Algo uses   Quant logic its formulas as per the conditions mentioned above within 5 to 30 seconds it enters in the market.

04.    All Leg  Sigma Summarized Combined 25 percent

05.    Mathematical Formula Used Statistical Formula Sum of series

04.  Exit at 15.13.01 H: M:S



            Error management is very important for subscriber  while trading, if their attention is distracted, their  capital  will be completely lost, so they are advised to trade with full knowledge of this, otherwise they will be safer if they contact the TT Tradetron  Assistant and run it through them.




              Option Trading are subject to market risks, understand strategy and algo software risk carefully. The profit and loss of strategy may go up or down depending upon the factors and forces affecting the securities market including the fluctuations in the news other factor.


Option trading is 200 % risky, you should deploy this strategy  if you have complete understanding of option selling trading business else better to avoid it.

              We are only providing the signals of the strategy. We cannot be held responsible for the loss of capital or any other losses due to the any error due to  RMS margin or order entry error or exit error or temporary service interruption from  website or any other technical error.


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