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Strategy description

Strategy description

This strategy is introduced by OCCTANS TRADING SERVICE. As per our criteria we choose a  Banknifty and Nifty.  

In this strategy signal capture from Tradingview for Banknifty . This is Intraday Option Buying strategy.


The strategies identify market trends; this strategy is made exclusively for BANKNIFTY & Nifty on 15 Minute chart for intraday trading. This is mainly for long position (CE & PE, ATM) and strategy logic on below in-built Indicators. This script is prepared and published after series of iteration and back testing over years


We have prepared this indicator based on following in-built indicators.

1. Relative strength index ( RSI )

2. Bollinger band

3. Moving average (MA)

4. Average directional index ( ADX )

5. Moving average convergence divergence ( MACD )

6. Volume weighted average price ( VWAP )

7. Super trend 


Refer below back test results of two years. As you know if back testing period is high and win ratio is high means this strategy logic faced each and every market sentiment.


We have Four Strategies on Tradingview

      1.    Banknifty_CE_15_ALGO

      2.    Banknifty_PE_15_ALGO

      3.    Nifty_CE_15_ALGO

      4.    Nifty_PE_15_ALGO

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