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Strategy description

Highlights : Unlike other strategies which takes 15-20 trades everyday and 300-400 trades every month, this strategy takes only 1 trade in a day and only 20-22 trades in the entire month 

Strategy Details


 1. Positional :- The trades taken are completely positional and taken in BankNifty (NRML).

2. Capital:-        The capital requirement is 100,000, keep some additional in the account in case of any drawdown or maintain up to                                                                         100,000 all the time.

3.Trades:-            It will take only 1 trade in a day and will not take a trade if the previous trade is still open.

Important Points


1. If you have any doubt in mind, paper trade it for as long as you want and deploy it live only once you are confident enough. 

2. Once deployed it live, please do not exit/pause or book profit manually, you have to trust the system and let the trade run in fully automatic mode.

Although the Algo takes care of the entry, exit, adjustments, you are advised to keep an eye over the account to watch for any errors which could be due to margin shortage or technical issue etc.


Disclaimer: I am not SEBI registered advisor or Portfolio Manager. I do not take responsibility for any losses that might occur as a result of deploying this strategy nor do I guarantee any returns. If you are not aware of risks associated with FNO trading, you are strongly recommended to understand, analyze and then trade on FNOs.