created : 1 year ago| |  live deployment: 24

created : 1 year ago |  live deployment: 24

CAD v2 | Crude Aggressive Directional | Retail

Strategy description

CADv2 is an Intraday Semi Directional Strategy on Crude Oil Options

CADv2 Trades everyday post 3.40 pm till 11.10 pm and can exit or enter anytime in between.
It is a single counter strategy

Here is what you should expect with the strategy :- 

1) It trades until the day before expiry of crude oil options. On Crude Oil Options expiry we avoid the trade due to low premiums and expected gamma spikes

2) On days when MCX trades in the evening session, the strategy will enter post 5pm and exit at the same time. 

3) It runs a single counter in a day, within the same counter, the strategy will do its own wait/pause/exit and re-entry

4) This is an automated strategy, hence no manual intervention is required form your end, unless the strategy is error as notified by tradetron. In case of an error do check your broker position to ensure it matches with tradetron

5) This is a capital reuse strategy, hence you can utilize the same capital from your intraday trades on NFO/BFO provided your broker allows you to do the same. You can reach us to find the right broker for your usage.

Important Facts:

Capital:                                                           Rs 5,50,000

Strategy Type:                                           Intraday Non Directional

Order Type:                                                  Limit/NRML

Expected Trades per Month:             120

Maximum Multiplier:                              10x  - (for enabling higher multipliers contact us via tradetron)

Strategy Counters:                                   Multi Counter Strategy
Trade Type:                                                    Straddle/Strangle/ Naked Selling


Strategy One Research & Analytics is software service provider. We are not a SEBI-registered investment or financial advisor. You should contact your investment advisor before trading Futures & Options. Paper Trading & monitoring our shared code is the ideal way for you to understand how the strategy works and is recommended to be done for at least 4-6 weeks before going for live deployment of any strategy. Like any trading setup, algos can give profits as well as losses and users shouldn't expect any unrealistic returns or success ratio with an automated strategy.