created : 6 months ago| |  live deployment: 189

created : 6 months ago |  live deployment: 189


Strategy description


·       This is an Intraday Nifty Options Buying Strategy.

·       Strategy Starts for checking signals from 9:21am & All positions exit by 15:16 pm

·       Once Signal is triggered the Algo buys either one call OR one  put  weekly expiry option as per the strategy algorithm. The bought options are two strikes in the money.  To buy one call/put weekly option which is two strikes ITM ,  max capital requirement to run  is generally  15K. But in case of high premium requirement, the capital requirement may also increase.  

·       All orders are MIS orders.

·       Currently Strategy can be run on Max 2 X multiplier only.

·       It’s purely Trend based Strategy. So, it gives good results in trending mkt or when mkt gives big reversals.

·       It incurs losses in choppy mkt & during Huge Gap us & Gap Downs.

·       This is Open Target Strategy i.e no fixed target, No TSL & NO SL.

·       Average no of  (Buy + Sell )trades per day are 14 . Therefore zero brokerage broker is must  to save brokerage.

·       Pls Do analyze the benefits & risk factors , pls consult with your financial adviser and then only  if you feel comfortable go for Live Trading with this strategy.

·       Also, pls note that past performance of the strategy is not guarantee for present & future performance. It is advisable to keep minimum 40-50K as dedicated capital to run this strategy on 1X for long term so that even if it goes in DD phase , in good trending days it can recover & show good results. Pls join my Telegram group for daily updates & changes if any :

·       You must keep watch for errors if  any while strategy is live and manage the errors yourself.

·       Till June End the Strategy is free for deployment. The charges to run the strategy shall be announced by June End.

    One Must do Paper trade atleast a month or two before going live so that he / she will understand how its functioning. If it is not as per your expectations then pls do not go live. This is mandatory condition before going live . If you still go live then its your choice..

·       Disclaimer: Pls note that I am not a SEBI registered financial adviser. One must do paper Trade for few weeks/months  & Understand how the strategy is showing results during trending market & during choppy days . It is not necessary that strategy should function same way as  it has performed in past . I am not responsible for any sort of loss incurred due to strategy or due to any sort of errors.

 After considering all above facts only you can go for live trading of this strategy.