created : 1 year ago| |  live deployment: 34

created : 1 year ago |  live deployment: 34

Dynamic Money miner Hedged

Strategy description

DMM (H):  This is a Bank Nifty options writing strategy. The strategy dynamically decides the position basis the nature of the market. This strategy takes 2 legs across various strikes and expiries. 


Entry: 9.20 AM to 10 AM 

Exit: 14.55 PM to 15.05 PM


Capital requirement:  1.1 Lakh [+ 20K margin buffer].

(This is the capital requirement for hedged version. You can either deploy the un-hedged version separately if you wish to save on transaction cost for hedges and loss due to hedges]  


Fees:  5% of Gross profits generated

Change Version: 

23-07-2023:  Lot size is updated to 2 lots per multipler w.e.f 24-07-2023. Margin Increased to 120000)
22-10-2023: Expiry day setup changed to select 150 Rs premium strikes instead of ATM Straddle

Disclaimer: Trading is inherently risky and the subscribers should bear complete responsibility for the outcome of trading and decisions you make including loss of capital. We are not SEBI registered advisor / creator so kindly contact your financial advisor or do your own research before subscribing to this strategy. Good past performance is no guarantee of future results. It also extends to the fact - don't reduce your investment/multiplier simply just because of poor performance, In future - it can improve back to its usual results.  Although it is fully automated trading, you're advised to monitor both the tradetron and trading accounts for any deviations.