created : 5 months ago| |  live deployment: 66

created : 5 months ago |  live deployment: 66

RAFTAAR BankNifty Scalper - Intraday

Strategy description

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  • Very Important note Regarding Profit Sharing of 4.8% Each month's end, you will be charged 4.8% of profit sharing on gross profits you make in an Algo by Tradetron using invoices raised which you have to pay online via Tradetron only. It is important to note that this profit-sharing is non-adjustable with other Algos. Therefore, requests for adjustments requests will not be accepted and will be rejected. For example, suppose you make profits in Algo 1 and Algo 2 but incur losses in Algo 3 and Algo 4 in a given month. In that case, you will be charged 4.8% on the profits generated by Algo 1 and Algo 2, and your losses for Algo 3 and Algo 4 will be carried forward to future months until they become profitable, they won't be charged. Importantly, your losses for Algo 3 and Algo 4 will not be adjusted against the profits of Algo 1 and Algo 2. It is due to this reason that I have reduced the profit sharing rate from 7% & 15% to a flat 4.8%

  • Intraday Option Selling SCALPER Algo

  • ATM Short Straddle 1 lot in BankNifty Options Selling

  • Broker: Better to Use only Free broker like Finvasia or Kotak or Flattrade, or any which charge 0 Rs for brokerage

  • Entry timing is between 9:17 to 9:22 am in the morning

  • Final Exit timing 03:27 pm and 2:45 pm on expiry days

  • It takes 4-8 trades/day on Non-Directional Days

  • It takes 8-14 trades/day on Directional Days 

  • 1 trade = (buy+sell)

  • It Takes Only 1 counter per Day

  • Capital Needed is 1 Lakhs as it has inbuilt hedges

  • Hedged with OTM legs (15 Rs each)

  • Works best in Non-Directional Market. It might struggle in the directional market

  • NRML orders

  • Fixed Target of +1000 Rs Profit on each Shorted Leg

  • [*****Very Important******] Profit & Loss will vary from account to account in live because it is a Scalper Algo. It’s in nature of Scalper Algos, that they book Fixed Profit & Loss based on entry premium captured

  • Exit at 3:27 pm before market closing

  • HFT (High-frequency trading) Takes a good amount of trades on each Leg in the straddle

  • There is a MAX loss of -5100 Rs defined for a day

  • No MAX Profit defined on Strategy Level! It can be any Profit in a day

  • Please Compare Month wise PnL and see if you are satisfied with the Algo or not. Do not panic if your PnL doesn't match Day wise with other Live accounts or Paper Trade
  • R U L E TO F O L L O W S T R I C T L Y - When you deploy any Algo, be it this or any other, please use it for at least a minimum of 30 days, before taking any action like deleting or archiving it! Don't judge it too soon! unless it crosses Historic Drawdown + 5-10% Tolerance limit



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1. It is starts paired & then later becomes unpaired. Square off the leg either CE or PE when required


2. It is only Intraday Algo, it doesn't carry the positions overnight!


3. It works superbly in Range Bound markets, as it carries the vision of the "NON-Directional" view of the market. In trending markets, it will give a loss.


4. It is best to use it along with Tvaran (50k) which is Intraday directional Algo, which will keep a balance in your portfolio!


5. This strategy may not work with brokers that restrict OTM strikes (+/- 1300 in BankNifty). Please check with your broker before deploying. 




6.  I am not responsible for your loss if it happens, be sensible. First, use the algo in 1x for a month, understand it, and gain confidence. Better stay away from trading, if you are not mentally prepared for losses and don't understand Risk Management. I strongly recommend you select the below option checkbox in the error settings. Where to find this? Ask other creators or anyone on the main Tradetron group.


7. Don't Blame me for your losses, if you don't like it, don't use it. I don't market or promote this Algo as Holly Grail. It will also suffer losses some days, so be prepared. 


8. Once deployed, have faith for at least 2 weeks, don't be afraid, and leave it in middle after seeing loss, else next day when you see profit, you will regret it. Use it for at least 2 weeks before judging it. And don't deploy more than you can't manage. 




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Disclaimer:  I'm not SEBI registered investment or financial advisor. Don't deploy any of my strategies based on past performance only. All the pnl we update is our own Live Auto pnl and it is for information purposes. Paper trading for a month is the best way to learn and earn a huge returns in long run. You won't become rich in the short term with any strategy.


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