created : 1 year ago| |  live deployment: 2

created : 1 year ago |  live deployment: 2


Strategy description

On popular demand we are happy to launch our first Option Buying Strategy MS- COUNT. This strategy is introduced by MS - MoneySuccess. 


MS- COUNT strategy is based on options Buying and mainly targets overnight GAPS (UP as well as DOWN). As per our criteria it’s combination of Banknifty, Nifty and FinNifty option Buying. The single counter runs from Every day after 3pm to Next day early morning. (Except on BNF Expiry Thursday)


Capital Required: 1 Lacs (Average Utilization is 35%)

Average number of Trades per Day: 6


 Entry & Reentry: The strategy starts after 3:16 PM Every day except Thursday and after exit no re-entry happens. It’s combination of Overnight Trades of Nifty, Bank Nifty and Fin Nifty.


Exit: The strategy Counter exits at early morning each day. 


Strategy intends to captures overnight Gaps in Directional market might give drawdowns in case of unforeseen events like War, Geopolitical Events, etc.




1. Who should Subscribe to this strategy?

Any user who is accustomed to SYSTEMATIC Trading and aware of Trade Tron handling and willing to generate Alpha and open to have high DD.


2. Best time to Start deployment?

You may start counter any time, No trades on Expiry Thursdays.


3. Is it Intraday or Positional Strategy?

This strategy BTST.


We have deployed this strategy in our own account to generate alpha with limited capital deployment by using Options Buying. If you wish to join this COUNT Journey you may subscribe. Please Consult Your Financial advisor before using this algo strategy. (We are Not registered in SEBI)


4. What Capital Required to run this startegy?

This is option buying BTST strategy. Though the initial capital required is 40-50K for each deployment, it is highly recommended to have buffer margins for DD.


5. What are the charges to deploy this strategy?

This strategy comes at upfront Fee of Rs. 555/- per month.

 Please Read all descriptions carefully and understand before subscribe this strategy. 


Risk Disclaimer: - 

Algo Trading is helpful in avoiding emotional trades, following rules, managing money and executing trades quickly. In Algo Trading there may be slippage, error in terminal or any technical issue. Although it is 100% fully automated trading, you are advised to keep a watch over the account to monitor any significant deviation. We are not responsible for any losses. Live results may differ than paper trade results.



MS- MoneySuccess


Happy Trading!