created : 6 months ago| |  live deployment: 0

created : 6 months ago |  live deployment: 0

AW113PP - Tejan BN

Strategy description

Underlying  - Bank Nifty  

Brief Description - This strategy is a combination of SEMI directional and non directional  strategy which takes trade based on intraday breakout and subsequent adjustment and reversal takes place automatically depending on market moves. The strategy works on a single strike entire day irrespective of market move

Margin Requirement 
Normal Margin required - Rs. 510K

Margin with buy Hedge - Rs.  300K (with deep OTM buy hedges)

Max Risk Per Trade - Rs. 5000 per trade.

Number of trader per day -1 counter per day

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Disclaimer - I am not the SEBI registered Financial Advisor and traders must understand the risk involved in Futures & Options Trading and shall do proper due diligence before committing any money on trading after due consultation with whom you feel is better placed to advise you.