created : 8 months ago| |  live deployment: 4

created : 8 months ago |  live deployment: 4

Bank nifty Smart Calendar Spread (less no of Trades)

Strategy description

Bank nifty Smart Calendar Spread It’s a weekly strangle strategy.

Rules are below


Entry:- Sell OTM CE & OTM PE on Monday (based on some rule)


Exit:- on Thursday 


Stop loss:- whenever the market will move beyond a certain level as per the rules of strategy. upside or downside it will square off both legs.


Target:- there will be no fixed target if any level is not broken it will continue till Thursday.

  • Shared code of Live Deployement (To check live perfromance):



Capital requirement:

For 1X (1 lot) Capital Requirement would be 1.5 lakh


Back-testing Report Stock Mock :

Last 76 Weeks  (18 months)  Backtesting Report of stock mock 


Back-testing Report Tradetron:
will update soon. 

 We will charge 15% of profit sharing per month on Tradetron shown PNL..

Invoice will be sent to respective users on the 1st week of every month. If payment is not made within 5 days then the user will be blocked on the 6th day. 

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Support & Contact: 

  • ·        You can call on this number 8097578729 for any issues or queries.


  • ·        Open an Angel Broking account with us & Get All Strategy with less brokerage with Less* sharing on profit.  

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