created : 2 years ago| |  live deployment: 59

created : 2 years ago |  live deployment: 59

Bank Nifty Smart Calendar Spread with Hedge

Strategy description

Bank Nifty Smart Calendar is a Bank Nifty Options Selling strategy. It Sells OTM CE & OTM PE of Next Week (based on Delta) and buys current week OTM CE & OTM PE (based on Delta). The intention is to capture theta on both sides, when the market is in range it will capture both side premiums and earn profit via short legs, but when the market becomes directional it will square off short positions as it has a fixed % based stop loss on a combined premium of short legs. 

The USP of this strategy is it has a minimal number of trades, there are only 2 Trades in a week, the First trade for the weekly calendar, and the second trade on expiry day.  

  SHARED-CODE:  d6920168-8510-4064-bcd1-570c03731e53 

 Capital Required: 60,000 

 Type:  Positional with Hedge

 Avg Trades (Buy + Sell) per Day: 2-3 


Patni Capital is not a SEBI-registered investment or financial advisor. Don't deploy any strategy based on past performance only. All the P&L updates are their own Live Auto P&L for information purposes. Please contact your investment advisor before deploying the strategy live. Paper trading for a month is the best way to learn and earn a huge return in the long run. You won't become rich in the short term with any strategy.