created : 9 months ago| |  live deployment: 0

created : 9 months ago |  live deployment: 0

Dream Builder Bank Nifty (Hedged)

Strategy description

Dear Traders

         This Strategy was created by Digi Traders. Digi Traders was founded by traders who has an experience of more than 5 years in the market.  It was our endeavor to create an option selling strategy with good returns and very low stop loss. Finally, we achieved that goal with our dream builder bank nifty strategy which you can use with peace of mind. Therefore, it is requested to use it to accomplish your wealth creation goals.

Strategy Description

Capital Required is 90000 for 1x multiplier.

Max profit for a trade is capped at 2000 for a trade which may be increased as per market conditions

Max loss is capped at 1500 for a trade. Trailing stop less is placed to protect the profits on the table.

This is an intraday bank nifty option selling strategy which will sell ATM Straddle. It will take entry at 0940 and exit by 1455. 

Start with paper trading for some time to get confidence in the strategy. Then start with one multiplier and increase multipliers as you earn 5000 from a single multiplier. Increase multipliers gradually to save on brokerage.

Happy Wealth Creation from Digi Trade