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Strategy description

Index Theta Gainer:

This strategy is introduced by SK Consulting. Strategy does options selling in near ATM strikes. As per our criteria we choose Index (Nifty + Banknifty) Strangles. This strategy is inspired from Index premium eater by market star. But we have tried to improve the strike selection and adjust the strategy basis our knowledge and capabilities.

Max Per Day Risk : The strategy has max loss 7000 

Max Per Day Target : Target of INR 7000 with TSL inbuilt.

Average number of Trades per Day: 8 to 12 trades

Entry & Reentry : The strategy starts at 9:20 AM. The strategy is designed to take one entry a day Whereas leg based entry and reentry happens throughout the day as and when required.  

[Manual Re-entry is not suggested after 1 PM on any day]

Exit: The strategy exits at 14:55 PM. The strategy works at most type of market conditions except sharp W shaped moves

[#Trust the strategy if you wish to beat the Traditional asset class returns with this low-risk reward strategy]

Contact: All your queries should be sent out to

Telegram channel: No channel as of now.


This strategy if used with Index OTM Hedge strategy then will need only 220000 Capital. Without hedge capital needed 320000.


Strategy Cost

Strategy is free to subscribe. At the end of the month on your live deployment whatever profit will be there , 5% of that profit will be invoiced to you.

If you open an composite edge account using below link then our strategies will be free as long as you trade in the same reffered account

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We enter and exit all trades at market price. It is impossible that for all users end result will match. When checked closely paper trade to paper trade results differ. Paper to live trade and live to live trade also results differ.

Disclaimer: I'm not SEBI registered investment or financial advisor. Don't deploy any of our strategy based on past performance only. All the pnl we update is basis paper trade deployment and for information purpose.