created : 2 months ago| |  live deployment: 74

created : 2 months ago |  live deployment: 74

Zeta Index Positional

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Strategy description

                                                                          Zeta Index Positional / ZIP

Strategy in Brief: 

A Positional Strategy that Sells directional option spreads in Banknifty and Nifty. 
This strategy may not work with brokers that restrict otm strikes (+/- 1000 in BankNifty and +/- 600 in Nifty). Please check with your broker before deploying. 
Please do Paper trade for 1-2 weeks before deploying in live.

Ideal Day to deploy, 1st day of new expiry before market opens

ZIP Strategy Introduction Video


How it Works

  1. This is a positional strategy strategy, and you should keep patience with the positions taken and allow the positions to play and eat theta.
  2. The strategy has a fixed SL as a % of entry price per leg and the target is also fixed as a % of entry price of the leg. This number is determined by back test to have the best possible return for you.
  3. The strategy makes money from delta moves and theta decay and incase of a trending market, mostly when there is a breakout.

What to Do

  1.  Fire and Forget. Leave it in auto mode and see the magic. We recommend you put this strategy in TT Paper Trade for the first week, this will help you build patience required for sticking to the strategy.
  2. Be Patient. Allow the strategy to work. It may take multiple positions during the day. It may also not carry any overnight trades if it feels there is no Risk vs Reward to do so.
  3. The strategy runs from first day of expiry to the last day of expiry, it will end on its on on expiry you dont need to do any manual actions. If you decide do exit mid week we request you to wait till the next week to start a fresh
  4. Recommended Multiplier is 1x to 10x. 
  5. You can however exit the strategy if you like the profits you have made. However, we recommend you earn from delta and eat theta with us.

What Not to Do

  1. Don't trade this strategy inconsistently. You need to give it at least 2 weeks in live before deciding if it is useful for you or not.
  2. Don't Panic, this strategy analyzes trade parameters frequently before deciding the move. The objective is the remove the noise and avoid congestion instead of being desperate to take a position and earn theta.


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Our Strategies portfolio is as below :-

  1. Gamma - Positional Option Buying Strategies
  2. Theta- Intraday Option Selling Strategies (Straddle/Strangles)
  3. Delta - Swing Positional Futures Strategies
  4. Zeta - Positional/Intraday Option Selling Strategies


We highly recommend that people must have a basket of strategy to get a smoother equity curve with less drawdown. Please feel free to contact us so that we can make a basket according to your risk appetite.

Disclaimer: Strategy One is not a SEBI-registered advisor. We are not liable for any losses as a result of using this strategy. Please consult with your Financial Advisor before Trading. We strongly recommend to paper trade the strategy for at least a fortnight before deploying it live.