created : 9 months ago| |  live deployment: 2

created : 9 months ago |  live deployment: 2

NF Rafting (NF V3)*

by:  S A


Strategy description

NF Rafting (NF V3 )- Strategy Description:

High Level Strategy:
                                  Strategy will take 3 pairs of Nifty Strangle / Straddle depends on the day.

Start Time:
 Friday, Monday: 9:25 (Only 1 entry), remaining days: 9:16 (multiple counter)
Last Entry Time:
 14:15 , 
Reactivate in 15 Mins
Target per Counter: Open Target
Stop Loss per Counter: 4000 
TSL based on Index movement and multiple PNL based TSL 

Note: may take multiple counters. So better go with Zero brokerage brokers.

Paper Trading PNL & Live PNL will always be different with Slippages. Strategy will work based on your entry price, so it will be different between 2 Live accounts as well.

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