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created : 10 months ago |  live deployment: 0

Excel Template with target and stoploss

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Strategy description

This strategy is for the persons who want to place the order based on their discretion into the Tradetron either for paper trading or live trading.

Guidelines :

1. Please Download the excel sheet by clicking here.

2. Maintain a stable internet connection while sending orders from the excel sheet.

3. Don't delete any columns or rows in the trade sheet of excel.

4. Duplicate the strategy in your account, create auth token and copy that auth token in the excel sheet as shown in the video.

>>To send entry order 

1. Place the ticker name of the stock in the company name column.

2. choose yes from the dropdown in the want to trade? Column.

3. Choose quantity in the quantity column.

4. Then click the start trade button, entry order will be placed.

5. In the result column, Active will appear.

>>To exit the stock

1. Choose the active stock and click yes in the want to exit? Column.

2. Then click the exit selected button, the stock will be exited.

3. In the result column, Exited will appear.

>>To place Target or stop loss

1. Select yes from the dropdown beside target/stop-loss update.

2. Select the stock you have traded, type the number of points you want to keep in the target column, and press enter.

3. Target will send to the deployment as soon as target reaches the stock will be exited in deployment.

4. If the stock exited through the target or stop loss by the above procedure cannot be reflected in the excel sheet, so please exit that stock in the excel sheet by following the exit procedure.

>>To place universal exit:

Click the square off/exit button the strategy deployment will be exited.

After universal exit, click Reset to clear all the values in excel.