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Strategy description

Strategy description

This strategy is introduced by Market Star. Market Star is a well known brand with 15000+ subscribers in telegram since 3 years. 

Fundamental : BankNifty Premium Eater V2 strategy starts with ATM straddles . After entry strategy createas a range as per entry spot price. As soon as upper or lower range breaks, strategy exits. If range does not break, position reamins open till intraday cutoff time. Between entry and exit, the strategy tries to manage positions as per market movements so that loss will be minimized and strategy can continue with both PE & CE legs opened. 

Entry :  Strategy enters at 9:16 in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Strategy enters at 9:25 on Friday and Monday. 

Exit : 3:05 PM or when the range breaks.

Max Loss : Max loss in a day set as 10000 . There is no leg wise or counterwise SL. 

Strength and weekness : This strategy works best in case of range bound market. During trending market strategy tries to cutdown losses.

Whoever wants a systematic trading with consistent return your search ends here. 

We have Bank Nifty OTM hedge(3X) for this strategy too. V2 BankNifty Premium Eater with OTM Hedge need only 310000 capital. Without hedge capital needed 510000. 

BankNifty OTM Hedge

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Strategy Cost

Fixed subscription cost of this strategy is 600 Rs/ Month and 5 % profit sharing on Tradetron shown PNL But it is applicable from November 14. Till then completely free.

The variable cost Invoice(5%profit sharing) will be sent to respective users via mail on 1st and 16th of every month. If Invoice not cleared by the deadline, then user will be blocked. If any losses will be there in any 15 days cycle, loss will be carried forward to the next billing cycle.

Those who opened aliceblue account by our reference and trading there, for them startegy is free. If not opened, then open your aliceblue account by using our below reference link and enjoy all our strategies for free. Alicelue charges only 15/ord brokerage.

We have also tied up with IIFL. If you open account throgh IIFL the brokerage charged is just 5/lot. The will be very good if you are planning for 1X trading. If you open account using below our refferal link then there will not be any variable cost. Fixed monthly cost will be applicable.

IIFL Account Opening Link

After opening account please whatsapp me at your Client ID. I will give you a coupon for 1 year subscription of the strategy.

Please note : Coupon will be invalidated and can not be created once again if found you have shared the coupon with anyone else.

Please make sure your aliceblue account name and tradetron account name matches. Otherwise coupon will be invlidated..


We enter and exit all trades at market price. It is impossible that for all users ens result will match. When checked closely paper trade to paper trade results differ. Paper to live trade and live to live trade also results differ. I have deployed same logic in 2x multiplier version and unlimited version. But there also overall pnl differs. Please understand this is not an issue. This is fact we need to accept.

To make a wise decision, you can check live auto real trade data from below link where MarketStar regularly updates PNL based on our own live auto deployment.

PNL Summary Google Sheet

Disclaimer: MarketStar or I'm not SEBI registered investment or financial advisor. Don't deploy any of our strategy based on past performance only. All the pnl we update is our own Live Auto pnl and it is for information purpose. Paper trading for a month is the best way to learn and earn huge return in long run. You won't become rich in short term with any strategy.