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Strategy description

Bank Nifty Rule Based Dynamic Short Strangle is a combination of selling a call and a put, both with different strike price. Together, they produce a position that should make the profit if the stock market remains sideways.   

This strategy takes 4 to 7 trades in a day.

Introductory offer :- Enjoy this strategy with Zero fixed monthly fee in October 2021. 

Note :- This is an option selling strategy and makes good money in sideways market.

About Strategy :- 

1.This is Intraday Bank Nifty Options Selling Strategy, Entry between 9:20 am - 02:30 pm and Exit before 3:15 pm as per Pre defined criteria.

2. Key Point :- Low Capital Required,  Defined Risk, High Profit Potential

3. Single Day maximum loss  Define up-to Rs. 1000 per trade.

4. In rear Condition MAX DD is continue for 2-3 days so don't panic. 

5. In testing with TradeTron platform, it was observed that it took 7-9 seconds to execute order so slippages as per market condition occurs. 

6. Strategy Win Rate more than 79% and Loss upto  21%. 

7. Profit sharing invoice will be generate fortnightly and need to pay within 4 days, defaulter will be Block (within 2 days grace period) for all strategies and shifted to defaulter list.   

8. For Loss there are not profit sharing invoices generated, so whenever strategy in profit there are profit sharing invoices. 

E.g. If in 1st Invoice date you got profit Rs. 10000, you will need to pay 20% means Rs. 2000 to Motive trades. 

Suppose in 2nd Invoice date you face loss Rs. 5000 then there are no any profit sharing and this loss get balanced in next Invoice date. Now in 3rd Invoice time you got profit Rs. 10000 again. Now the net profit will be 10000-5000(previous loss)=5000 Rs. so you will need to pay 20% on Rs. 5000 means Rs. 1000 to Motive trades.

9. Don’t reactive strategy after exit between market hours or don’t start strategy between market hours.

10. Client need to maintain minimum capital always along with the buffer amount. Fund mentioned here is without leverage.

Profit Sharing:- 20% on Gross Profit


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Aim of this strategy is to earn consistent monthly income. Capital Requirement (final margin) for 1X multiplier is approx 100000 With hedging (It will always good to keep 40K-50K extra capital as some broker require higher margin, Some time due to high volatility hedging distance increase),  Please do paper trade for few days and calculate the required and final margin requirements with your broker if you wish to use this strategy without hedge, We always recommend to use our strategy with hedging.

Please click the link below, Subscribe hedging strategy and Deploy to get margin benefits.

Hedging - Bank Nifty Dynamic Short Straddle/Strangle:-

Follow these rules to minimize errors in Algo Trading on Tradetron:-

A) Daily Morning 9 am Compulsory Check for our algos

1. Please ensure your API Token Renew Successfully on TradeTron Broker and exchange page. If not please generate token and complete Authorization.

2. Please ensure your fund availability in broker account.

3. Please ensure all live deployed Algos on active mode.

B) Entry Exit Rules for our algos

1. We don’t allow Live Auto One Click methods for running our algo, because its calculation not match with PNL records. Those used this method please shift to live auto mode.

2.  Don’t exit positions from broker terminal, exit all algo position from Tradetron only. (Except Tradetron errors day). 

3. Don’t start algo in market hours. Start your algos before or after market hours only. If starts between market hours you can get different entry than original.

C) Brokers using with Tradetron

1. You can use brokers as per your choice, only 1st discuss with Tradetron and your broker for proper use with Tradetron. Whatever rules they given, follow them to avoid errors.

2. If you get always errors, then its your broker problems not Tradetron or strategy problem.

3. For brokers related issue contact with Tradetron and brokers.

D) Comments on Strategy Review

1. Please give your review, But some users using review section for comments, asking doubts, For this contact us on telegram. Also before given any review read strategy descriptions first.

2. Without proper study and testing avoid giving any feedback. Intentionally given feedback get noted.

E) Profit Sharing

1. Read strategy description carefully, all details given in that.

2. Please Note only our referral trading accounts have profit sharing benefits (10%) up-to 1X multiplier. Not for all users.

3. Profit Sharing Invoices we raised 2 times in month, 1st date and 15th date of month. Clear your invoices before next invoice date. Please follow the basic profit sharing rules.

F) PNL Target Stop Loss

1. Don’t compare paper trade and live auto pnl. Even don’t compare 2 Live auto pnl because its based on entry price. Order take place on market price and all get different prices, so pnl also different and exits times also different depend on entry price to target rally.

2. Strategy having define Stop Loss, Target, Partial target Booking, trail SL as per pnl.

Before Starting Live auto trade 

Please run all strategy on paper mode before going live.

1. As paper trade results not considered slippages, so please do live offline trade for few days. 

2. After completing live offline trades deploy it for live auto. 

How To Handle errors:-

  1. Check in notification log, what is the type of errors and act accordingly.
  2. In case of margin errors, there is high chance that ALGO will take some partial orders. So, check real trades in your terminal & square off all positions.
  3. Manage the errors as cancel/done manually.

You can exit from any error trade. But, still check, ALGO may take some long position (buy trade) in that case. So, care should be taken, once managing errors, there should not be any live trade left in terminal. After checking properly for NIL Live trade position, you can reactivate or, it will reactivate automatically as per ALGO Signal.

Important Instruction

1. Various strategy will take multiple entry in a single day. So, please watch on paper mode first, then calculate net profit after all expenses. However, as per statistics, all account are in net profit, those who have continued full month.

2. If you are an active trader, you can book profit and can pause strategy for the day, once you attain your daily profit target.

3. Various strategy will take trade as soon as you make it active, reactivate as per the market condition.

4. We have various strategy, which will take only one entry per day. please go through all and take the decision.

5. If you have fund more than 4 lakhs, you can take personal guidance from Motive Trades. Feel free to contact us on telegram.

Good Past performance is no guarantee of future results. It also extends to the fact that you shouldn't discontinue an algo simply because it's done poorly recently as it can revert to its usual amazing results in future. Although our algos are 100% fully automated, you're advised to keep a slant eye over the account to monitor any significant deviation or errors.

There will always be slippages in Live Auto Trade due to execution delays for any Automated strategy, so keep that in mind while attempting to compare decimal to decimal with Paper Trades !

Risk Disclaimer 

All investment strategies and investments involve risk of loss. You should not engage in trading unless you fully understand the nature of the transactions you are entering into and the extent of your exposure to loss. If you do not fully understand these risks you must seek independent advice from your financial advisor. All trading strategies are used at your own risk. 

F&O tradings are subject to market, or systematic, risk. This is because there is no way to predict what will happen in the future or whether a given asset/capital/fund will increase or decrease in value. Because the market cannot be accurately predicted or completely controlled, no investment is risk-free.

Motive Trades ALGO Trading means not a money machine, it is helpful to avoid emotions, follow rules, money management and quick trade executions in multiple accounts. There will be downside as well as upside only need to stay stick with strategy. In Motive Trades ALGO Trading there may be slippage, error in terminal or any technical issue. It is 100% fully automated trading closely monitored by the strategy creator. However, you are advised to keep a watch over the account to monitor any significant deviation. 

We are not a SEBI Registered Analyst. no claims, rights reserved. We are not responsible for your profit or loss. Please Consult Your Financial advisor before using this algo strategy.

*condition apply