created : 4 months ago| |  live deployment: 5

created : 4 months ago |  live deployment: 5

Gamma.3 Multi Leg Positional Option Buy (Long Index Option)

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Strategy description

Strategy in Brief: 

Buys ITM Index Options (both Bank Nifty and Nifty) for Intra+Positional Basis - Weekly & Monthly Options

Exit & SL as per defined criteria within the strategy.

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How it Works

  1. This strategy takes a option buying decision basis support and resistance RSI, Moving Averages and Open Interest. Once it takes a decision it enters either a CE or a PE for both or one of the indices, depending on the parameters for both the indices. 
  2. This is a intra+positional strategy, and you should keep patience with the postions taken and allow the postions to play. 
  3. The strategy tries to filter the noise in the market, and takes a position at likely beginning of the trend. If the trend has strength it would take further positions in the direction of the trend.

What to Do

  1.  Fire and Forget. Leave it in auto mode and see the magic. We recommend you put this strategy in TT Paper Trade for the first week, this will help you build patience required for sticking to the strategy.
  2. Be Patient. Allow the strategy to catch the trend. In most cases, it will exit before the trend reverses and take a counter position. But sometimes due to volatility it might take more than 1 trade in a day.
  3. Recommended Multiplier is 1x to 5x. 5x is maximum limit set by us as option buying is risky due to theta decay. Please use this strategy as part of your portfolio including option writing strategies to give you an edge in long term as trend doesn't remain forever.
  4. You can however exit the strategy if you like the profits you have made. However, we recommend you ride the trend with us.

What Not to Do

  1. Don't trade this strategy inconsistently. You need to give it at least 2 weeks in live before deciding if it is useful for you or not.
  2. Don't Panic, this strategy analyzes trade parameters at regular intervals before deciding the move. The objective is the remove the noise and remain in position.
  3. Don't worry about theta decay, as we take mostly liquid ITM options, theta decay is minimal in most cases, it will be compensated by the move.

Strategy Fees

Our Fees is Rs 999 per month + 10% profit sharing. 

Invoicing Rules

  1. Invoice to be generated on 2nd of every month. You will be given 5 days to pay and if not paid by 7th Midnight. You will be blocked for ever.
  2. If on an overall basis across strategies, you end up having a loss, this will be set off against future PNL. 
  3. If you are doing PT on the strategy via our trial coupon and then move to a live trade without our permission/payment of the strategy. We will block your execution.


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Strategy One Salient Features

  1. All strategies have SL built on fixed % loss, Market and Trade Parameters. SL is explained for each strategy.
  2. All intraday strategies are designed with Discipline in mind, if SL hits there is no re-entry. 
  3. We have multiple strategies across different segments and at multiple price points. 
  4. We have combo plans for our strategies, join our telegram group to know more about it. Under this you will get complimentary access to the our pro strategies, if you subscribe to multiple strategies our ours.

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