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created : 1 year ago |  live deployment: 1

(EQUITY) H2 - Antibody Cocktail ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Strategy description

If you have capital of 1.5 lak and above, then check our "All in One Portfolio Strategy" and "Tortoise the winner..!

Segment : Equity


Capital Required: 30k. (Assuming 5x leverage after SEBI Peak Margin Rules)
-Per Trade Rs 5555. (after 5x leverage Rs. 1111).
-Max 27 trades in a day (normally 10 to 20 trades)
- If you are trading other strategies along side, we suggest to keep some buffer capital in account.

Daily Profit Limit : +2400

Daily Loss limit   : -900 (with Trailing SL at strategy level after profit crosses +700 Rs)

Recommended Multiplier: Start with 5x multiplier and then increase slowly for compounding.

Recommended Brokers: Any broker that is well established and charges zero brokerage or percentage based brokerage not more than 0.01% per trade.

Objective: Safe and Long term Portfolio Buildup. Do not compare the strategy with any option selling strategy. This is Equity Strategy, ups and down will be higher.

If you want to skip profit sharing, you may open account through us using any of the below referral link and trade in it.




- Combination of multiple good strategies that blends well with each other and generates smoother returns.

- Safety of Equity Cash Segment.

- Lower investment needed.

Risk Disclaimer: We are not SEBI registered analyst. Neither the Strategy Creator nor Trade-Tron is responsible for any loss to you by deploying this strategy. Please consult your Financial Advisor before Trading in Stock/Options Market. Do not deploy any emergency funds or take any over exposure that may impact you if things go wrong. Also note that Automated Trading is not unsupervised trading, you are expected to keep an eye on the trading as any technology can sometimes have limitations/errors/downtime, etc