created : 2 years ago| |  live deployment: 21

created : 2 years ago |  live deployment: 21

GSA BNF Directional

Strategy description

GSA BNF DIRECTIONAL à Includes far OTM buying (Check with your broker first before deploying) 


This is a Banknifty options writing strategy along with the OTM Hedges. The strategy is another form of well know strategy in the market and tries to identify the directional moves and earn from option premiums. What makes it different is smartly switching the position if direction goes wrong and overall SL is not hit. This strategy takes 2 lots of call and put spread across various strikes based on pre-defined parameters.


Entry: Entry is executed at 9:35 and dynamically adjustments are carried out. No manual intervention in this strategy is recommended.


Exit: Strategy exit has been configured at 15.05 for the short legs.


Capital requirement:  1.5 Lakh [+ 25K margin buffer].

(This is the capital requirement after considering the hedge benefit)


Fees:  Variable fee of just 5% on gross profits.



Trading is inherently risky and the subscribers should bear complete responsibility for the outcome of trading and decisions you make including loss of capital. We are not SEBI registered advisor / creator so kindly contact your financial advisor or do your own research before subscribing to this strategy. We have taken all the possible efforts to avoid freak trades in the market. We will not be responsible for loss caused due to freak trades, if any. Good past performance is no guarantee of future results. It also extends to the fact - don't reduce your investment/multiplier simply just because of poor performance, In future - it can improve back to its usual results.  Although it is fully automated trading, you're advised to monitor both the tradetron and trading accounts for any deviations