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created : 4 months ago |  live deployment: 3

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Strategy description

Directional Gap NIFTY50 Futures 


Strategy description 

Directional Gap NIFTY50 Futures strategy is an inter-day strategy where we take a position thirty minutes before market closes and liquidate at a fixed time after market opens. The decision to take a long or short position is made using sophisticated machine learning model(s) that have been trained with many years of data and several technical indicators. The prediction from the model is combined with human judgement of experts in market movements. The daily decision is taken to go long, short or stay in cash. The objective of this strategy is to exploit the gap up or gap down in the market. Thus profit is made by taking a view, 30 minutes before market close, as to how the market would open the next day.


Gearing: Around margin of 6 (six) times cash deposited for ‘Margin Call’. 

Stoploss: Is triggered by the drop of portfolio by one percent (1%) of MTM value. 

Capital Requirement: Minimum requirement 3 Lakhs INR; this allows Trading of two (2) lots of NIFTY50 futures. 

Profit Sharing: This is described by a formula which describes how a client is charged. It has 

A Fixed Component of INR 1500 per month and  

A Variable Component of 15% of net profit; that is after paying for slippage, transaction charges and Brokerage Fee  


For any queries, suggestions, or feedback, please contact us by writing to:

Update: We are removing the fixed component of 1500 per month and increasing the variable component.