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created : 2 years ago |  live deployment: 0

IM201 - Nifty 1.0

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Strategy description

IM201 algo is an Intraday Nifty Trading Strategy  for Nifty Future and Option segment, it will dynamically BUY/SELL depending on market movements.

It will Buy/Sells 1 lot Nifty  Future and 1 lot Nifty Option.

Target        :  Open  (Profit Approximatly 3500rs for one Multiplier)


Stop Loss  :  Approximately Rs. 2000 ( Maximum Loss for 1 Multiplier)


Multiplier :  1 Multiplier was 1 lot Nifty  Future and 1 lot Nifty Option.  

Capital       :  50000rs for 1 Multiplier, depends on Broker you select.


Start Time:   Entry After 09:25AM (Depends on Conditions)

End   Time:    Square off/End Time After 3:10PM


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