created : 1 year ago| |  live deployment: 49

created : 1 year ago |  live deployment: 49

Index OTM Hedge 9:15 Daywise

Strategy description

This strategy will buy below BANKNIFTY OTM option pair at 9 :15 AM and exit at 3 :01 PM. 

Friday : Below 10 Option premium

Monday : Below 7 Option premium

Tuesday & Wednesday : Below 5 Option premium

Thursday : Below 3 Option premium

This strategy will buy below NIFTY OTM option pair at 9 :15 AM and exit at 3 :01 PM.

Friday : Below 4 Option premium

Monday & Tuesday : Below 2 Option premium

Wednesday & Thursday : Below 1 Option premium

This strategy can be deployed at any point of time within the day. It will take intraday long positions as per above conditions. Per week

800-1100rs premium loss per X multiplier

600 rs brokerage (1x or 50x same)

150 rs tax per pair.

Above figures are approximate. Luckily monthly once if u get a high trending day, the hedge positions may give u return too..

Any strategy which can give more than 8% profit in a month is worth hedging.

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