created : 2 years ago| |  live deployment: 0

created : 2 years ago |  live deployment: 0

IM01 - Reliance-EQ CASH Intraday 1.0

Strategy description

IM01 algo is an Intraday Reliance Trading Strategy  for NSE-equity Cash segment, it will dynamically BUY/SELL depending on market movements

Target        :  Open 

                      (So far On Nov 11,our algo ROI(Return On Investment) got 39.16% (1179Rs) in a single day for 1 multiplier)

Stop Loss  :  Approximately Rs. 500 ( Maximum Loss for 1 Multiplier)

                      (So far On Nov 12,our algo got 500Rs.  loss  in a single day for 1 multiplier)

Multiplier :  1 Multiplier was 12 Shares of NSE-Reliance Equity Shares, (Can select between 1 - 100 multipliers)

Capital       :  5000rs for 1 Multiplier, depends on Broker you select.

                      (In zerodha for Reliance 16x Margin will be provided for Cover Order, 10x Margin Provided for MIS(Intra day)  Order)

Start Time:   Entry After 09:25AM (Depends on Conditions)

End   Time:    Square off/End Time After 3:10PM


 Algo 15 Days Market to Market (MTM) Performance Report  (From 15 Oct 2020 to 06th Nov 2020):

IM01 algo Performence Report

**Strategy was free for Some time**

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