created : 1 year ago| |  live deployment: 2

created : 1 year ago |  live deployment: 2

Sparta | Stelios (Nifty)

Strategy description

Nifty PE and CE short strategy.

Total 8 legs Sell - 4 CEs and 4 PEs.

Strategy capital - 6 lacs including buffer keep in case of back to back counter losses

Actual Capital basis your Broker margin

Entry time9:21 am

Exit time 3:06 pm

Target - 5K

Stop Loss - 5K

Reactivation - Yes, post 2 Mins. In case you want not to take another trade - please pause

Max risk can be at multiplier of counters * 5K. It is again high risk  and reward 

Non directional strategy.

We all know market  is subject to risk. Invest your money wisely.


Monthly profit sharing at 10%. 

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You can DM creator @SpartanAlgos

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Paper trade and only once comfortable  deploy live.

About Spartan Algos:

We are a very small team collaborated together to bring something big, unique and a good change in Algo Trading community.

We are focused on simple approach yet logical and backtest data supported setup to provide you a consistent results for a longer duration. 

This will ensure you restrict your losses and retain higher and higher profits.

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i) Write an email to [email protected] with below details  :

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Location Segment

ii) You will receive detailed guided steps to create app and api from IIFL algo team

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