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Step 1: Go to Broker and Exchanges in Tradetron from the top-right Menu

Step 2: Select + Add Broker

Step 3: Select AliceBlue from the drop-down

Step 4: Put your AliceBlue Client ID in the client id tab& Put random letters in client secret and token.

Step 5: Save

Note: For Tradetron users with a Free subscription, the Auto Login feature is not available, Hence, populate only three details.

Step 6: Once done, open the below link in Chrome Incognito mode to generate your token and authorize your trades.

If your account is in a free subscription, you will have to generate a token every day before the trading starts.”userid”

You can get your user id from your Tradetron profile page.

For example, my id is 95

So the link will be

It should take you to a page that shows SUCCESS in capital letters.

Please note that, If you login to NEST/ANT Desk/ Mobi after we created the token for you, it invalidates the token already generated for Tradetron thereby invalidating your Trades

If you login to ABT WEB this issue will not be caused.