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In order to configure Gill Broking with Tradetron, you need to follow the following steps.


1.In order to obtain the Secret_key and app_key, you need to contact Gill Broking support and provide them your client code so they can move forward with your account.


Gill Broking support.


E-mail:- [email protected]

Contact Number:- +91-8955443443


2.After successfully obtaining the Secret_key and app_key go broker and exchange page on Tradetron click on the add broker. 





3.Scroll down click on the select broker drop-down and select the Gill Broking from the drop-down.



4.Now you will see the Secret_key and app_key as a blank space So, in that you need to paste secret_key and app_key which you will get from Gill Broking.




5.After pasting all the required value just click on the save and then you are good to go with Gill Broking. 


(For any query regarding Gill Broking Integration please write us on our [email protected] )