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1. Login to Wall

2. Navigate to Pi in top menu bar and click on “CREATE NEW API KEY”


3. Use the following values to enter the form.

App Name


App ShortName


Redirect URL




4. Your API key is now generated

5. Copy the APIKEY


6. Click the eye icon  to view the secret key. Copy secret key


7. Now after getting details Go to Broker and Exchanges in Tradetron from the top right Menu.



8. Select + Add Broker


9. Select FLATTRADE from the drop-down.


10. Please add your client ID, API key and API secret in above mentioned format.


11. Click on save.


12. After adding your broker details FLATTRADE user needs to generate the token everyday before the market open please click on the below highlighted link for token generation.


13. Now you are good to go with FLATTRADE.


(For any broker integration related query, you can write on our [email protected] )