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Strategy description


This is a BANKNIFTY Options Buying Strategy.

Strategy Details: 

Entry is taken in 2 lots (30qty) on 1x in Banknifty ATM/ITM option,

Booking is in 2 steps & SL is booked in one step. 

Max Trades in day- 3-4


Email: a[email protected]

Whatsapp: +916361755353



Follow these rules to minimize errors in Algo Trading on Tradetron: -

A) Daily Morning 9 am Compulsory Check :

1. Please ensure your API Token Renew Successfully on Tradetron Broker and exchange page. If not please generate token and complete Authorization.

2. Please ensure your fund availability in broker account.

3. Please ensure all live deployed Algos on active mode.

B) Entry Exit Rules for our algos

1. We don’t allow Live Auto One Click methods for running our algo, because its calculation not match with PNL records. Those used this method please shift to live auto mode.

2.  Don’t exit positions from broker terminal, exit all algo position from Tradetron only. (Except Tradetron errors day). 

3. Don’t start algo in market hours. Start your algos before or after market hours only. If starts between market hours you can get different entry than original.


Before Starting Live auto trade 

1. Please run all strategy on paper trading mode initially.

2. In paper trade results slippages are not considered, so please do live offline trade for few days. 

3. After completing live offline trades deploy it for live auto. 


Brokers using with Tradetron

1. You can use any of the brokers who are linked with Tradetron, Do Consult your broker for any API charges and brokerage details.

2. IF there are frequent errors when deployed on Live Auto Mode only then there may be a issue with your broker.

3. For brokers related issue contact with Tradetron and brokers.



All investments in the Stock Market carry the risk of Loss of capital. You should not engage in trading unless you are aware of the risks involved in trading. If you do not fully understand these risks, you must seek independent advice from your financial advisor. All trading strategies provided by ALGOKAKU have been built on certain parameters on which the trades are executed. No Strategy guarantees 100% win-rate and Strategies developed by ALGOKAKU are no different. Trading in Stock Market is subject to market or systematic risk. This is because there is no way to predict what will happen in the future or whether a given asset/capital/fund will increase or decrease in value, Because the market cannot be accurately predicted or completely controlled, no investment is risk-free. ALGOKAKU Algo Trading is not a money-making machine, it is helpful to avoid emotions, follow rules, money management and quick trade executions in multiple accounts. There will be drawdown phases as well in the overall account but we only need to stick with strategy if the overall ROI for a longer horizon is as per expectation. In Algo Trading there may be slippage, error in terminal or any technical issue. It is 100% fully automated trading closely monitored by the strategy creator. However, you are advised to keep a watch over the account to monitor any significant deviation. We are not a SEBI Registered Analyst. no claims, rights reserved. We are not responsible for your profit or loss. Please Consult Your Financial advisor before using this algo strategy.



1.        Good Past performance does not guarantee that the results would be same in Future . It also extends to the fact that you shouldn't discontinue an algo simply because it's done poorly recently as it can revert to its usual amazing results in future. Although our algos are 100% fully automated, you're advised to keep a slant eye over the account to monitor any significant deviation or errors.

2.      There will always be slippages in Live Auto Trade due to execution delays for any Automated strategy, so keep that in mind while attempting to compare decimal to decimal with Paper Trades .