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created : 1 year ago |  live deployment: 0

Rich Pocket Money

Strategy description

Pocket Money Series

Strategy Core: Pocket Money series is an active strategy which trades with IRON-FLY in Nifty and Banknifty Index. It continuously adjusts the straddles based on the market movement and theta decay during the day. The number of trades performed are high and therefore is the ROI as well. DO NOT deploy this if you do not have free brokerage plans or if you intend to run higher multipliers (10x or more). Don't waste money making broker rich, move to finvasia or kotak, you will not regret my suggestion after you experience free brokerage. 

Don't Judge any strategy within few days or few weeks. Every strategy has a drawdown phase and it is ideal to stick to a strategy for atleast 3 months, ofcourse do so after you paper trade or see historical performance. 

Strategy Links to Pocket Money series: Due to limitations in the number of strategies allowed in market place, not all the strategies are listed in marketplace.

Pocket Money:
 Nifty iron fly, margin required INR 1 lakh including buffer, risk per day INR 4,000, reward per day is based on market blessings.

Rich Pocket Money: Banknifty iron fly, margin required INR 1 lakh including buffer, risk per day INR 4,000, reward per day is based on market blessings.

Profit Sharing: 10% of the gross profit as reported by TT or INR 5000 whichever is less. The more strategies you run and more profit you make, your profit share gets capped at INR 5000l-


The results are to be looked at a monthly basis rather on daily basis to have a comprehensive view of the ROI.

Although the algo takes care of the entry, exit, adjustments, you are advised to keep an eye over the account to watch for any errors which could be due to margin shortage or technical issue etc.


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Disclaimer: “The Professor” or its associates are not SEBI registered advisors or Portfolio Managers. We do not take responsibility for any losses that might occur as a result of deploying this strategy nor do we guarantee any returns. If you are not aware of risks associated with FNO trading, you are strongly recommended to understand, analyse and then trade on FNOs.

Do not deploy live without knowing the pros and cons.