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Strategy description

Index Premium Eater is an option selling strategy designed to mainly operate intraday. It enters with paired short positions in Nifty and BankNifty. If the market starts trending one side, it exits the loss making leg and continues to hold the profitable leg. If the market reveres significantly this strategy exits the naked leg and operates in pairs again. 

  • Capital : 200000

  • Entry time: 9:16 to 9:21 ( Monday and Friday ) 

  • Exit time: 2:48 

  • Entry cut off: 1:45  

  • TSL activation: 1500

  • Expected Drawdown : 4%

  • Dynamic profit booking: Yes 

  • Numbers of trades per month: 220 (Approx)

User's responsibilty : Users are rquested to keep 5 to 10 % more capital than the recommended capital as per their broker and to handle capital rise by exchange on rising VIX days. Once capital is properly maintained and token has been genrated between 8:30 AM to 9 AM, 95% cases there will not be any execution issue. Still if any error on your live deployment, you will get notification via whatsapp or get call from Tradetron. Please check notification log in the deployment to understand the issue and fix it as soon as possible. Once deployment will be in error, strategy stops working which can result in unexpected results. If you are unable to fix the error then connect with us via our telegram group or via personal telegram id mentioned above. We will help you..

User's Algo Awareness : In tradetron , though the strategy logics same for all, the strategy logics depends on entry strike and entry price of the user. For example if one user enters the position at 300 and if another user enters the position at 305, for both of them, the adjustments may differ and hence the day end result may differ too. Users should understand the fact and accept the end result. In long run mostly it evens out and all users PNL mostly matches.

With reduction in returns in recent days, users should prefer a low cost or 0 brokerage broker or contact us to understand the cost optimization approach to get better net ROI end of the month.

While choosing a broker user should research properly to make sure broker API is reliable with least execution issues. We can help you with our feedback..

Disclaimer : Market Star is not a SEBI registered advisor.  We do not claim in attractive ROI. Please contact your investment advisor before deploying the strategy in live. Option trading is 100 % risky, you should deploy this strategy only if you have complete understanding of option selling/trading else better to avoid it.