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Strategy description

Nifty future  positional strategy take LONG/SHORT trade as per the trend of the NIFTY.

Technical basis entry so no fixed stop-loss ( but stop-loss around 7-10 k max per trade).

Margin required 1.6L have some buffer 30-40k for smooth  trading.
To reduce margin as well over night risk follow some hedge manually

If any new SELL generated BUY OTM CE 


SELL triggered @ 15000 simply buy 15500 CE  (or even cheaper option value Rs 10-20)

If any new BUY generated BUY OTM PE 


BUY triggered @ 15000 simply buy 14500 PE (or even cheaper option value Rs 10-20)

the strategy will generate good profit without hedge for avoid overnight risk you can manage using above mentioned way .

more details 
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