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created : 1 month ago |  live deployment: 0


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Strategy description

  1. This strategy takes trades in bank nifty /nifty options
  2. This is based on an unique idea rather than an indicator
  3. the strategy is designed in a way to take scalping trades only
  4. Specific range is defined in the strategy ,it will trade only when the market comes out of that range 
  5. There might be days in which market trades in a range ,in those days strategy wont take any trades
  6. Capital required per trade is around 15k  per trade and including buffer of 10k ,total capital requirement is 25k
  7. No fixed target 
  8. There is stop loss of 2k/day
  9. If you like the strategy please drop a positive feedback 

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    1. Disclaimer: I am not SEBI registered investment or financial advisor. Past performances doesn’t guarantee future results. Each day in market is a different day and am not responsible for your losses.You are expected to keep monitor the strategy to check for any errors which may occur.If you have not traded FNO manually I strongly discourage you from deploying this because only those people really understands the risks associated with FNO trading