created : 11 months ago| |  live deployment: 11

created : 11 months ago |  live deployment: 11

IPL - Index Option - Nifty, Bank Nifty and Fin Nifty

Strategy description

This Strategy is created byNiveshalaya  , our team who has more than 20 years of experience in the trading, arbitrage, and broking industry, we have more than 800 satisfied clients. In our long journey, we have developed some easy-to-use strategies, This strategy is suitable for Aggressive investors.

• IPL - Index Premium League

• Wait 4 Trade

• This strategy is built on Python - Dynamically select strikes for trade, then we will wait for the entry condition.

 In this strategy, we will sell daily 1 lot of Bank Nifty and 1 lot of Nifty Strangles, entry by the closest premium

• Expiry Day - We will sell 1 lot of Bank Nifty, 2 lots of Fin Nifty, and 1 lot of Nifty Straddles on their weekly expiry day

• Stop Loss - Leg wise stoploss(Approx ₹5000 Fin Nifty expiry and Approx 5000 Nifty + Bank Nifty expiry) and approx 2500 on Non expiry days

 Total Margin Requirement 300000+10000 DD = 3.1 Lakh

 We use order type as Normal because we do not want to square off 0 values options on expiry days(Please pause from your own end)

Change Log (24-Nov-2022) LEG TSL added in strategy 

Change Log (25-Nov-2022) New Exit Time 1515(Expiry Day), 1528(Non-Expiry Days)

Change Log (01-Dec-2022)We have merged our Expiry day strategy IOT with IPL for better performance

Change Log (30-Nov-2022) Removed Strategy TSL

Note - For a better understanding of our strategy, please do paper trading for at least 15 days.

Strategy Cost

We will try to keep the strategy cost-free for our clients and 5% monthly profit sharing for other broker's accounts

"Every good thing comes with a price tag, our price is your Happiness"

We hope that, after seeing our performance, you will definitely refer us some clients.

We offer a very competitive brokerage rate with online trade monitoring via our Multiuser Trading Software and from our back-office software, in any technical glitches of Tradetron, we are always there to square off or book profit from our end. If you are interested to open an account with us Whatsapp me for Brokerage Enquiry and keep all our strategies free. 

Disclaimer - Investments in mutual funds, equity shares, options, etc, are not obligations of or guaranteed by and are subject to investment risks.

We’re not a SEBI registered advisor. All the information provided by me or our team is for educational/informational purposes only.

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