created : 1 year ago| |  live deployment: 1

created : 1 year ago |  live deployment: 1

Bank Nifty Masters(NRML Order_Intraday)

by:  pptech


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Strategy description

Bank Nifty Masters is an Intraday Non-Directional Option Writing strategy. It takes 1 lot of straddle sell at 9.16 in morning and keep adjusting as per movement of market.

This is the NRML order version of Original Strategy "Bank nifty Masters" . Everything is same, Only difference is It take NRML order. (Square off time 3:10pm same as original strategy)
For Max profit we have not kept any cap but  Max  Loss defines at  -6k per multiplier. Max loss may hit on days when Bank nifty moves in wild in both direction like Policy Days, Budget days etc. or on Tradetron malfunctions. 
Exit strategy manually if Loss goes beyond -6k and if Tradetron failed to send exit orders if any days due to wild move in Bank nifty. 

    Profit Sharing:

    We are not charging any upfront fees to paper trade strategy. Subscribe and Paper trade till you are comfortable to take this live on your account. 

    Our fee for taking this strategy Live is  only 10% of your profit on Monthly basis.

Don't forget to subscribe our Growth Bank Nifty Option Selling Strategy. Deployment of Both strategy is giving edge to portfolio.

Check combined performance of both strategy on below link.
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