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Strategy description

The strategy takes daily BANK NIFTY INTRADAY Position

  1. Entry every day morning in between 9.15-9.45 AM
  2. Strategy Exit before 3.10 PM everyday
  3. It works great with most of the brokers, as it will always Sell ATM Strikes. 
  4. It is a Non directional Strategy Selling BANK Nifty ATM CALL n Put Options
  5. It will take deep OTM Strikes for HEDGES to reduce margin and you need to check with your broker & make sure FAR OTM strikes are allowed 
  6. IIFL and few other brokers allow FAR OTM strikes. Zerodha & many other brokers do have issues with FAR OTM so pls make sure if your broker allows 2500 points FAR OTM strikes
  7. Strategy take 1 counter per day.
  8. Please do paper-trade for few weeks / months and understand how it works / performs before going LIVE 


  1. The max drawdown has been 20% on the capital required, historically. 
  2. Please make sure you earn at least 20% on your capital, for every 1X increase in your Multiplier
  3. DONOT increase multiplier looking at the results, as you need to save your capital in case of drawdowns
  4. If you don't follow the above Rule, you'll surely face problems at some time in future
  5. There is Hard Stop Loss of RS 7K per counter in this strategy.
  6. No target has been set in this strategy , strategy exits at EOD 
  7. This is aggressive strategy with aim to get max returns. Motto of the strategy is High Risk high Reward

Be patient with the positions as it's time decay strategy, it will take its time to get you the P&L in the intraday. If you stop it in between or exit, it might not give you the expected results. Theta decay happens faster closer to expiry, so accordingly, we will get better results closer to expiry... so stay invested 


  1. Please don't change the multiplier during the day. 
  2. The only time you should increase / decrease your X Multiplier is when you deploy strategy LIVE in your account for at least 1 month and you become comfortable.
  3. If you change your multiplier regularly than you WILL incur losses.
  4. Don’t do any manual intervention.
  5. Follow RULES

This strategy is absolutely FREE to use for those who have opened Trading a/c in IIFL with my reference and trading in that account.

  1. Test the strategy on 1X on paper trade 
  2. Or deploy on real account for 1 to 2 months and see how it works for you.
  3. You can open account in IIFL with my reference with below code to enjoy this strategy for FREE
  4. 1.    For those who is not trading with my reference broking account , will have to pay 10% profit sharing



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