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Strategy description

Double Core is Positional Nifty Option Buying Strategy. We  Buy Monthly Option to catch large trends in Nifty.

    • This strategy takes trades based on current trend in Nifty50 . We are focused to capture large trends and big move in the market. In sideways market it may give small losses.

    This is SAR (Stop & Reverse) System. Example:-  Earlier there is an open position in CE and we want to square off, we will exit the CE and take new open position in PE (buy) and Vice versa. 

    Average 35-40 trades in month

    Margin needed to trade this strategy is around 20-25k per trade. 

    We recommend Capital Required to Trade 1x (1Lot ) is around 40-45K considering 25K drawdown . 

    Calculate your position sizing considering 40-45K for 1x   (1 Lot)

    Positional strategy comes with Overnight / Weekend Gap Up or Gap Down Risk. Thought this is option buying strategy we have limited known risk per trade. In long run these losses offset  by profits by other trades.

    Position Sizing is very important aspect in any strategy. So take outmost care while selecting Multiplier.

    Profit Sharing:

    We are not charging any upfront fees to paper trade strategy. Subscribe and Paper trade till you are comfortable to take this live on your account. 

    Our fee for taking this strategy Live is  only 10% of your profit on Monthly basis.


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