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Strategy description

Hearty congratulations for taking first step to travel along with us in the journey of Tralgomintech!

Please find the details below for your reference



V1.0: Was live upto 02-Jul-2021

V1.1: Live from 05-Jul-2021, Changes listed,

*Hedge added,

*Auto Exit ensures sequence of covering Sold leg first, so no margin penalty.

*If exiting manual, can't ensure the sequence. Exit manual only if sufficient funds available.

*Drawdown and ROI from Tradetron might be misleading as its updated only based on latest margin. Consider the timeline before judgement for V1.1

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All setups listed below to follow in sequence(click to follow):

Blue Whale

White Shark

Hawk Eye

The Gaur

Elephas Maximus


Risk Management:

Remember its a Straddle option selling setup. There is a possibility where your deployed capital might end up in big drawdown if proper risk management is not followed.

Caution: It becomes High frequency trades incase of wild movements, take appropriate multiplier to overcome the brokerage.

Recommended Risk management% of capitalValue in Rs.Remarks
Capital100%200000Your capital
3000Max risk per day
Deployment for 1x50%100000Required for deployment
Max drawdown for 1x
28000Recommended to stop the setup


Its a Bank Nifty Intraday Short Stradddle setupSells 1 set of ATM Bank Nifty Straddles with hedge
EntryOnly when conditions met
Max Loss per dayCapped at -3000

Amount required for deployment:

For WHITE SHARK:Rs.Remarks
Deployment for 1x100000Required for deployment


Always stay with any setup for a month to take any decision or evaluate the performance. It shall be paper trade or real trade.


We are not SEBI registered advisors or experts. We are involved in algorithm based stock/options/futures trading where all trades taken by BOT and we are not responsible for any losses incurred due to software or exchange or any glitches. Always follow risk management to protect your capital. There are certain strategies which involves buying/selling and it might wipe out your capital incase you deploy your full capital. We make mistakes, but we don’t fail to learn from it. We will try to ensure mistakes do not wipe out our gains in full and are not repeated. Intention of this group is to support and grow along with everyone. Trades shown in Paper trade/real trade or backtest results need not be same as actual trades due to many reasons. Always do paper trade for a month, if you are convinced then deploy the capital which you can risk in trading. Option to do real trade or watch the trades or paper trade lies with you. Please own your loss the way you own your profits! Please do your own research before you pull the trigger. Beyond all we are a team of energetic traders who are open for ideas and criticism to make life of everyone peaceful. It doesn’t mean that we accept everything. By Tralgomintech team.


Backtest for last 1 Year

Nov 2020 to Apr 2021


May 2020 to Oct 2020