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created : 2 years ago |  live deployment: 0

4. Smart Disha NIFTY Writing SILVER*

Strategy description

MIN MARGIN : 1.25 Lakh


POSITION: WILL SELL ONE CALL AND ONE PUT( So, manage Margin as per your broker's limit available status) 



Special Instruction: As it takes multiple trades in a day, pls calculate total expense & after managing your expense as per your broking plan, run for 3 months without pause.

PROFIT SHARING:  NIL Profit Sharing in Master Trust & Zerodha Account under our reference & 7% in other accounts as per Tradetron Gross PNL

Google drive link Pls check google drive for all statistical data since Nov 2020


YouTube : Smart Disha Algo  : for more information

Telegram:   for Research and Education with updates on Algo

You can join Smart Disha Academy or NIFM Ahmedabad Branch for Training on Stock Market ( Online & Offline)

*ALL MCX STGY ARE KEPT FREE IN MARKET PLACE : Pls trade after calculating the risk involved in it.

*PLS WATCH FOR VARIOUS FREE STGY IN GOOGLE DRIVE PDFs. UPDATED TIME TO TIME  Trade 9:33 to 9:34 ATM +- 2200 & 1900 Smart Disha BANK NIFTY MARGIN REDUCER ( P Link) Trade 9:23 to 9:24 ATM +- 2200 & 1900 Smart Disha BANK NIFTY MARGIN REDUCER ( P Link)  Trade 9:18 to 9:19 ATM +-2200 & 1900 Smart Disha BANK NIFTY MARGIN REDUCER ( P Link) Trade 9:18 to 9:19 ATM +- 900 & 700 Smart Disha NIFTY MARGIN REDUCER ( P Link)



1. Open account with us in Master Trust & Get All Stgy free of cost with less brokerage ( Less Brok per lot in Option) with NIL* sharing on profit.  

Search Smart Disha in market place, you will get all our stgy in dash board display one by one)

2. FREE API with integration support.

3. You will get your desired stgy ( more than Total 20 stgy, present monthly cost 10000+ GST.) ALL WILL BE FREE + ALL PROFIT WILL BE YOURS*. Other clients in Master Trust, under other Franchisee are not allowed to change their branch. However, they can approach Smart Disha Algo through their Franchisee owner. Will extend discount on one to one basis )

    Important Instruction:

    1. Various stgy will take multiple entry in a single day. So, pls watch on paper mode first, then calculate net profit after all expenses. However, as per statistics, all account are in net profit, those who have continued full month.

    2. If you are an active trader, you can book profit and can pause stgy for the day, once you attain your daily profit target.

    3. Various stgy will take trade as soon as you make it active, reactivate as per the market condition.

    4. We have various stgy, which will take only one entry per day. Pls go through all and take the decision.

    5. If you have fund more than 10 Lakh, you can take personal guidance from Smart Disha ALGO. Feel free to chat on 9408856780.

     If you are new, you can sign up here to start ALGO with tradetron

    Special Note: This is strategy exclusively made for risk free income.

    For Master Trust, don't use web based login during trading hrs, if using Master Mobile App, then, never logout during trading hrs .  To watch live trades, you are advised to install Master Swift 2.0 with Option Oracle ( free software for easy Option Trading with all inbuilt stgy - All Free of Cost) For other Broker related issues contact Trade Tron.

    What to do in the case of errors?

    ✅ Check in notification log, what is the type of errors and act accordingly.

    ✅ In case of margin errors, there is high chance that ALGO will take some partial orders. So, check real trades in your terminal & square off all positions.

    ✅ Manage the errors as cancel/ done manually.

    You can exit from any error trade. But, still check, ALGO may take some long position (buy trade) in that case. So, care should be taken, once managing errors, there should not be any live trade left in terminal. After checking properly for NIL Live trade position, you can reactivate or, it will reactivate automatically as per ALGO Signal.

    Pls run all stgy on paper mode before going live


    1. You will get All Stgy free of cost with less brokerage ( Less Brok per lot in Option)

    2.  NIL Profit sharing ( You will get guidance time to time on PMS plan, Dealer support, Guidance of Dr. Subhransu Sekhar Jena, creation of life time wealth management step by step suggestions and many more expert product awareness training ) 

    3. 20% sharing on NET profit ( Incase of opening account  with us and handing over to Smart Disha Team. Team will take care all. No need to even watch full month) 

    For any query, you can contact or 9408856780  Dr. Subhransu Sekhar Jena

    Join For Stock Market Training &Trading on Live Mkt with ALGO Trading

    various groups:

    Risk Disclaimer :-

    Smart Disha ALGO Trading means not a money machine, it is helpful to avoid emotions, follow rules, money management and quick trade executions in multiple accounts. There will be downside as well as upside only need to stay stick with strategy. In Smart Disha ALGO Trading there may be slippage, error in terminal or any technical issue. It is 100% fully automated trading closely monitored by the strategy creator. However, you are advised to keep a watch over the account to monitor any significant deviation. 

    We are not a SEBI Registered Analyst. NO claims, rights reserved. We are not responsible for your profit or loss.

    *condition apply