created : 5 months ago| |  live deployment: 19

created : 5 months ago |  live deployment: 19

BankNifty Option Bot 2.O (Model A)

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Strategy description

Accuracy: Above 70%

It takes daily 2 Trades in BankNifty Option Selling.

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Profit Sharing Concept

Calculation will as under.

10% Profit Sharing Concept:-

Profit sharing will be calculated on Gross profit shown on Tradetron PNL.


What if you get loss?

In jan you got profit of 10000, you'll need to pay 1000 to me. right?

In Feb, you loss just 3000, you don't need to pay me a single penny.

Now in march you got profit of 10000 again. Now, the net profit will be 10000-3000(previous month loss)=7000, here you'll need to pay me 700 based on 7000 only


One can diversify Portfolio like below.

1x Nifty Option Bot 1.O

1x BankNifty Option Bot 2.O

1x Intraday Profit Bot 3.O

1x JackPot Bot 4.O

Total capital 160000

Capital is based on AliceBlue. For Fyers, you need 240K. For Zerodha, you need to have 200K.


Deploy from here

1x Nifty Option Bot 1.O : (

1x BankNifty Option Bot 2.O (

1x Intraday Profit Bot 3.O (

1x Jackpot Bot 4.O (

Note: There won't be pure loss adjustments. If you get loss in all above algos, there won't be profit sharing and loss will be carry forward to next month. But, there won't be loss sharing at all. Please find this point above.

Guys, for safer side, Generate token manually every morning before 9.10 am for once. Plus, never use Ant Desktop application or Aliceblue mobile application. Only use Google chrome to check your position or tracking.

Ping me, if you've any query:

Capital Required: See carefully below.

For Aliceblue Users: Aliceblue allows to trade with Rs.28500/- (Thursday - Friday). On other days, it allows to trade with Rs.13500/- (Mon, Tue, Wed). Remember that this is only a margin amount. You must maintain at least Rs.40000/- funds in your Alice Blue account to trade on 1x. If you've lower than this amount then you will get error while executing orders.

For Fyers Users: Fyers needs minimum Rs. 45000/- as margin. To trade safely, you must have at least Rs.60000/- with Fyers.

For Zerodha Users: Zerodha asks Rs.40000/- as margin. To trade with Zerodha, you must have to maintain Rs. 50000/- as total capital.

Other Brokers: Please ask your broker for the margin to trade one lot BankNifty Option CE Selling and 1 lot of BankNifty Option PE selling.

Disclaimer: I or AlgoMatic is not SEBI registered advisor or Portfolio manager. I or AlgoMatic is not responsible for any kind of loss occurred in above trading strategies. All above strategies are based on Index Options Selling. If you're not aware of losses, please read or learn about Option Selling.