created : 1 month ago| |  live deployment: 68

created : 1 month ago |  live deployment: 68


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Strategy description

Redshift [RED] is an intraday trading algorithm-as-a-service provided by Blackrose Research. It is a directional Banknifty option writing algorithm that takes intraday trades and exits any open trades by 3:03 PM. The max open trades is 1 and the max trades per day is 3.

Rs. 1,80,000 is the required capital/margin assuming no leverage is used. You can check with your broker what leverage they provide for intraday option writing and compute the capital requirement accordingly. We also suggest an MTM buffer equivalent to 1-2 times the maximum historical drawdown.

The backtest performance, metrics and related information can be viewed at


The algorithm has a 15% profit sharing billed monthly on the gross PnL recorded by the TT deployment page. We are happy to accommodate any exceptions where there is significant difference between your realized and TT's recorded PnL. The algorithm has no upfront fees.


Blackrose Edge is our exclusive benefits program which waives off profit share for members i.e. as a Blackroes Edge member you have to pay no profit share for Blackrose Research algos on TT! You can learn about how to become a member of Blackrose Edge and all the benefits at


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