created : 1 month ago| |  live deployment: 8

created : 1 month ago |  live deployment: 8

***Numero UNO Scalper***

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Strategy description

Introductory Offer (Only for April 2021): 

Use coupon code UNO3000 to get free access to Numero UNO v1 and Numero Uno Scalper

(Have kept a token amount of just Rs. 1 instead of Rs. 3000 subscription fee.) 


Completely Free for April 2021 (reduced from 20%).  We will be raising an invoice of Rs. 0 against the profit made in this month (no optional profit sharing or any other conditions).

We are looking for a long-term commitment and we want our subscribers to make money and trust the strategies. Also, we want to encourage the subscribers to stick to the strategies for at least a month.   


Welcome to "TradingBots". All our strategies are Bank Nifty short straddles (ATM options selling). The algorithm is run on our own servers and the signals are sent to TT via an API.  Currently, we have a portfolio of 5 strategies named "NUMERO Uno". Please paper trade for at least a week to understand the dynamic nature of the strategies. The entries and exits are dynamic as per the market conditions. All our strategies "try" to follow the market direction and are very dynamic. They try to mint profit from the Theta decay (from both legs) + Directional movements (from naked positions). Each leg has a dynamic SL and targets. All parameters are dynamic.  

We have deployed 4 versions of our flagship strategy *NUMERO Uno* (6 lots) + A Scalper version (2 lots). All of them are dynamic straddle-based strategies with a max of 6 lots of Banknifty options. They are not like other traditional straddle strategies.  All of them have the same core structure but different risk management parameters and signals. Hence the results will vary for each version. The purpose of having different versions is to diversify the risk. Each version has TSL enabled  (parameters won't be disclosed):

  •             ***NUMERO Uno v1***                        SL 4K, Target: 7.5K                Link:
  •            ***NUMERO Uno v2***                           SL 2.5K, Target: 7.5K             Link: 
  •            ***NUMERO Uno v3***                           SL 4K, Target: 7.5K               Link:

Note: If you are interested, please paper trade for at least a week before deploying capital.  

Capital Allocation Guide:

 If capital is not an issue, we would suggest deploying at least 2 versions for diversification. Else you can just choose one version and stick to it. 

Portfolio= (UNO v1 or Uno v2)+ (UNO v3 or UNO v4) + Scalper version

Risk Management:

Target: 1,200

Stop Loss: 2000 (exit can trigger at any level) 

Per leg SL/Targets: Dynamic

  • Number of counters per day: 4 to 6 (or more in very volatile markets)
  • Brokerage and taxes: ~130 per counter (~65 per leg).  The cost reduces as we approach the expiry day (due to low premiums). 
  • Number of Lots: Max 2 lots are traded at a time 
  • Minimum capital= Rs. 100,000 (on 2x leverage). Please check your broker margin requirements 
  • Additional Buffer: Please keep an additional safety buffer of at least 50K.
  • Risk Capital: Rs. 50,000 (Strategy SL amount to set aside while deploying. Need to continue until the cumulative losses cross this amount. Deploy only when you are fine losing this amount and then just sit tight till month end)
  • Condition Check: Every 1 min (We don't use "Continuous check" as it is not suitable for our strategies - as per our testing. Please make a note). 

    Slippages: There will be both positive and negative slippages due to 1 min condition check. Hence the SL or profits can be higher/lower than the amount mentioned herein. We need to be fine with it.     

Risk Reward: 2000:1200

The RR is skewed for this strategy to make it work in the long run. 2K Stop loss gives it a good buffer. It is very important. Please make a note. Don't deploy higher multipliers without understanding the risks)


Important features and USP of our strategies:

Please consider these bots as personal bots for your deployment (a very important point to note). The results can vary depending on the initial prices traded in your account. It will exit when the stop losses and targets are hit. It will then re-activate itself and wait for another trading opportunity. 

1. Personal TradingBot for every deployment: 

The algorithm runs on our own servers and sends signals to TT via an API. Our bots run continuously. Consider them as your personal "TradingBot". All bots will trade independently when they receive signals from our servers and the risk management will work on the basis of the initial prices that you get while shorting the straddle. So please don't compare the results with others or paper trading. The paper trading result is just for reference. Slippages are a part of trading and we need to accept that. Over time all the differences will average out for all. We just need to keep following the system.

2. Dynamic parameters and not a traditional short straddle: 

Our strategies are very different and not even close to any marketplace strategy/logic. Our Bots don't work in the traditional way i. e. short a straddle in the morning, book losses if SL of a leg hits, and let the other leg run till the end of the day. All the short straddle strategies in the marketplace have the same basic logic. They are just different in parameters like entry and exit time, SL/trailing SL, and target. Hence you get to see different results. Our strategies are not such simple short straddles with static parameters for all days. They are very dynamic and the parameters continuously adjust themselves as per the market direction. So any leg can exit at any time (even a few seconds later to take naked positions). It's not necessary that the loss-making leg should exit first. So please don't expect a similar pattern like other strategies. 

3. Continuous trading feature: 

  • All other strategies are done for the day once they exit after hitting the SL. Our bots continuously look for trading opportunities. It will look to renter when the target is achieved/SL is hit. Also, if your Target is achieved/or if your SL gets triggered due to extreme spikes (touch-and-go cases), the bot might take a new trade for you after some time. While others might still be running the first trade (if their Target/SL is not triggered). However, it is not expected to happen every time. 

4. Look-back feature for naked one leg positions: 

Our strategies make money from theta decay + directional movements using naked positions. Sometimes a leg can exit as soon as it enters. This is not an error but a feature of the bots. In this case, the bots look back in recent history. If there was a signal generated by our system, it will use that to exit one leg and have a naked position to take advantage of the directional movement. It is extremely rewarding if markets move as per the signal direction. Will it work always? It depends on the markets. We have the strategy level SL set for all to manage the risk.

5. Number of trades could be higher than average in very volatile markets: 

The aim of the strategies is to maximize profits and take trades whenever there is an opportunity. Saving brokerage is not the goal. The general brokerage cost of each lot (buy+sell) is less than Rs. 65 and the breakeven is just ~Rs. 2.6 point profit which is very low as compared to the opportunity costs. Also, the strategies might not be suitable for people who like to take a single short straddle per day and wait for the entire day till they close the position.

6. Ticket size

As we are trading 6 lots, the profit and loss size is higher as compared to other straddle strategies (which mainly trade only 2 lots).


Before going for Live deployment:

1.  Paper trade for a few days (at least a week) and understand the dynamics. Take your time and analyze the results for a few days before opting for live trading. Don't fall for instant gratification. Be patient. 

2. Diversification: Prefer diversifying your capital across all 5 strategies instead of using a higher multiplier in one. All strategies are good. Each one will have its good and bad days.

3. No manual intervention: Once you decide to deploy, make it a point to not interfere manually even if there is a loss. Don't use your personal discretion. Deploy only when you start trusting the strategies after paper trading.

4. Multiplier: Don't increase/decrease the multiplier on the basis of profits/losses. Keep it constant for at least a week. Else you might make losses on higher multipliers and profits on lower.

5. Stick to the strategy for at least a month: Don't discard any strategy very quickly. It's not a quick-rich scheme. You need to accept losses as well. Many people delete the deployments if they suffer a loss on the first day. This is not the right way of systematic trading. 

6. Intraday deployment and changes: Don't make any changes during trading hours eg: changing multiplier, pausing/reactivating, etc.



Please subscribe to our telegram channel for updates (click to open):  TradingBots


Banknifty is an extremely volatile instrument and there is a high degree of risk involved in trading. Past returns are not indicative of future returns. Please understand the risks involved before deploying the strategy for live trading. We do not guarantee any profits and are not responsible for any losses incurred by anyone. Further, as a subscriber of TradingBots, you acknowledge that subscribing to our strategy is your personal decision and you completely understand the risks involved and you accept the responsibility for any kind of losses incurred in the transactions. We are not SEBI registered analysts and we do not provide any stock tips and trading recommendations. You agree to access the risks with your investment advisor and make informed trading decisions regarding any securities mentioned herein.