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Flying Beast eXcLuSiVe!! (Low Cost version)

Strategy description

Flying Beast Exclusive!! is an intraday Bank Nifty Options Writing  Strategy.  It Sells ATM Straddles and has adaptive Risk Management Parameters that are designed in such a way that it can handle both Range bound and trending intraday markets. Thus enabling to earn theta and vega on Range days and becomes naked(with protection) on trending days.

More than 70% Accuracy!!

Flying Beast Exclusive!!
Performance Matrix
Capital Deployed 200000  
Overall profit 2526774  
Total No of Trading Sessions 952  
Win Days 684  
Loss Days 268  
Win Ratio 0.718487  
Loss Ratio 0.281513  
Average day profit 2654.174  
Standard Deviation 6193.459  
R-Ratio 0.428545  
Avg. Profit on Win Day 4762.756  
Avg. Loss on Losing Day 2727.429  
Risk Reward Ratio 1.746244  
Expectancy 0.973141  
Sharpe ratio 6.739943  
Max Drawdown% -7.6575  
Max Profit day 84870  
Max Loss day -7500  
Max Drawdown -15315 


Periodical Results on Month to Month Basis

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For Detailed Back testing report kindly click the link below:

Daily Target and Stop loss: The Strategy has no predefined target and the winning days are taken till the end. However it has inbuilt protection for each set of straddle and a hard stop of Rs. 7500 on 1x multiplier.

Capital Requirement This strategy sells 4 lots of Bnf Straddle, that means 4 lots of CE and 4 lots of PE in 1x multiplier. And since SEBI has restricted the leverage to 4x across the board so this strategy required Rs. 1.9 Lakhs for 1x multiplier for most of the brokers. One Should also keep a buffer of 20% as additional margin for safety. For further clarification kindly contact your broker.

Profit Sharing:  This Strategy comes with Fixed fee of Rs. 1000 and  10% Profit Sharing Concept and will be billed monthly. Your profits will be calculated as per the Trade Tron Gross PnL Report. In case you get  loss in any month it will be carried forward to the next month.

Profit Sharing Discount: We are also pleased to offer a  50% discount in profit sharing if you open an account under our referral code with our preferred broker.

Current Preferred broker:


Account opening Link:

Please Note: While opening the A/c select state as Delhi to avail better Account relative Services since our base is at Delhi Zone.

You can also contact me on telegram for account opening.

Few Points to Note:

Past performance is  not a guarantee of future results. Strategies and Systems have their good frequency and bad frequency and they swing between them.  As they  in Stock Market 20% role is of strategy and 80% is of Psychology, Discipline and Money Management. So one Should know that before operating any strategy. Though the strategy,  Algos and the Trade Tron platform is fully automated but still one should be keeping a check at your accounts for any deviations and errors.  In Backtesting results may seem enormous but in practical trading conditions you will face issues slippages, execution issues and many more. So be realistic with your approach.

In case you encounter any problem while deployment feel free to contact me.



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