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created : 4 months ago |  live deployment: 0

PF12- Kalanabha Nifty Options

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Strategy description

This startegy trades multiple legs of Nifty calls and puts of which the strikes selection is based on the Market Movement on given day.

Quantities :-

Calls - 3 lot
Puts - 3lot

Total 6 lots (max) open at given point of time.

Time Frame  :-


Capital Requirement :-

Considering the revised Margin Regime by SEBI, the margin requirement is approximately 270K.

Quantity Multiplier :-

Subscribers can choose quantity multiplier 1x to 100x to manage their trades depending upon the capital one has.

Strategy Goal:-

The strategy targets 1-2% per day on the margin deployed  after brokerage and taxes, 

Max Per day risk -Rs. 4500.