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created : 5 months ago |  live deployment: 0

Casino Royale 1.0 //Banknifty Option Selling

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Strategy description

Strategy description

WHEN DEPLOYED ON STREAK APP, it has produced 120% in December 2020 month.


Mind of the monks is stable. It is very clear with the thoughts. The algo is very stable. If there is an opportunity, it trades or it just sits idle. If it hit the SL, it closes position with no emotion, if the profit comes, it is let to run.


This is an option selling strategy. It would handpick a strike which does not decay immediately because of theta decay. The strategy has produced 120% returns in a month. 

Capital Required on Zerodha:

With 1 multiplier, i.e. 1 lot, the capital required is around Rs. 45000. However, we suggest keeping at least Rs. 1,00,000 in the trading account to avoid order rejection because of margin shortfall in case loss occurs at the start of the deployment. It might sometimes take both the PUT and CALL positions if the opportunity rises.

Subscription & Profit Sharing:

The strategy is free to use. We will charge 20% profit sharing at the end of the month after deducting charges and the previous month's loss. 


Option selling might cause extreme loss if there is extreme volatility & slippage during expiry. Be cautious while taking the trades. However, we have a SL setup which is emotionless and data oriented. 

Multiplier Suggestion:

We suggest at least 4 lots or 4 multipliers with this strategy. It comes around 100 quantity of Bank nifty options.